Help Wanted!

Georgia Seitz, our Tatting Instructor, is seeking the tatter or pattern creator for this cross.

If you have any information on this lovely cross tatted with onion rings, please either leave a comment on this post, or email Georgia at

aktatter “at”

or this site at

tattinghomework “at”

substituting @ for “at” in either address.

Editor’s Note:  Since posting the above, the cross has been identified by Karin (screen name “Snowflake 77) as Wrought Iron by Mary Konior.  Thanks for the info, Karin.  Since Karin’s note, we have heard from Louine who has identified the tatter as Frivole.  The cross is pictured on her blog at Le Blog de Frivole.  Thanks for identifying the tatter, Louine.  We still appreciate any additional comments anyone would lke to add.

7 responses to “Help Wanted!

  1. that pretty wish i could say it was mine! hehe

  2. Karin (snowflake77)

    It’s “Wrought Iron” by Mary Konior, from Tatting in Lace.

  3. This particular picture, was tatted by Frovole …..I love it in this colorway and have tatted it myself since seeing hers…..

  4. PS it is in the Tatting in Lace book.

  5. Hi Georgia, just been going through these pages since joining the tatting class and was surprised to find a bit of my tatting here!

  6. Thanks for helping with our mystery, Joelle! (Frivole) Lovely Cross.
    (Pattern from Mary Konior)

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