Beginner Class Schedule for January – May

No class this week nor next week….

January classes for the beginners will start the 17th at 3 and 8:30 Eastern time also known as New York time.The 17th we will do the Meet & Greet and Lesson 1, the 24th will be Lesson 2 and the 31st will be Lesson 3.

February thru May the schedule will be:
Week 1 (Feb 7, Mar 7, April 4, May 2) Meet & Greet and Lesson 1
Week 2 (Feb 14, Mar 14, April 11, May 9) Lesson 2
Week 3 (Feb 21, Mar 21, April 18, May 16) Lesson 3
Weeks 4 and 5–when there is a 5th Thursday–are open questions and additional techniques that (you the beginners–soon to be intermediate–tatters) want to learn I don’t read minds so if there is something you want to learn that isn’t in the beginner list please let me know!

You can access all the lessons from this link:

You can copy and use all the information, links, tutorials, videos…to help you learn not just when you are in class.

Please come to class with the week’s lesson ready to make notes about how to do something if there is something you don’t fully understand and feel confident of. I realize that in class it can seem perfectly clear and the next day it is “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat was I supposed to do” (I have that problem in the ongoing class too!)so feel free to email questions to the group or me or any of the helpers…we are all learners along the way. I know I have learned from each of you and am humbled and honored to lead this group. I will continue to lead and greatly appreciate each person who takes the class and each of my helpers too.


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