Melanie Tats Butterflies of Hope

This is not a submission of homework, but one we feel merits publication.  After the tragedy in Connecticut a few weeks ago, Melanie began tatting heart bookmarks from the pattern, Hearts of Hope by Anne Bruvold.

Here is a sample of Melanie’s work, and her explanation:

Hearts of Hope tatted by Melanie

 I’m not sure if these will end up in the mail to Connecticut. While I was working on heart 4, I received word of an event in our local area. Certainly not of the horrific magnitude of what other communities have experienced, but I chose to spend time with the folks here and listen and help them to cope. After a few days, I was able to pull out my tatting and of course, a couple of hearts found their way into the hands of those who were watching here. So, my goal of 26 in the mail may not be reached. But, what I have done has merit and made the world a better place. I’ll keep you posted on what I’m able to accomplish.

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