Class Member Joyce has been tatting Hearts

In March my daughter ask me if I would ray her a heart and frame it.  Her birthday is Christmas Day, and I wanted to do something extra special for her.  I taught myself to needle ray about nine months ago, so  I took Joy’s Heart (pattern “Joy’s Heart” from Needle Tatting with Style Book 1) and decided to make two and try to interlock them.  Before I closed the second heart, I just laid it down and placed them together.  I stiffened them, and each one has a small heart shaped Schwartz crystal in the center picot of the heart.  I bought a double glasses frame from Michael’s and hung them in the frame so they look suspended in air.

The first picture is of them laying on a white cloth.
It is hard to see them in the frame below , as you can see through and see everything in the background.
I also made the Valentine Angel (pattern by Martha Ess) in Christmas colors and added gold glass beads.

3 responses to “Class Member Joyce has been tatting Hearts

  1. WOW I love the hearts!!!! and the angel too!

  2. Is the pattern for Martha Ess’s Valentine Angel available either free or for sale? Just wondering…

  3. Here’s the link to Martha’s free patterns, including the Valentine Heart

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