2013-01-21 Regular Online Class – Heart with Cluny Petals

Join us on Monday, January 21, for our first class of 2013!  We will explore Cluny tatting with Dagmar Pezutto’s Tatted Heart with Cluny Petals:

Tatted Heart with Cluny Petals

The Pattern can be found here.

To review the basics of Cluny tatting, try these links:

Mimi Dillman’s Cluny Tatting Page

Photo Illustrations to making Cluny Leaves – Part 1Part 2

Making a Cluny Loom (instead of using fingers to weave

For extra credit (or if you prefer not trying Cluny tatting) here is a delightful new Celtic Style Heart from Ruth Perry

Celtic Style Heart by Ruth Perry

The pattern for Celtic Style Heart can be found here.

2 responses to “2013-01-21 Regular Online Class – Heart with Cluny Petals

  1. It all looks so very interesting. Thank you for allowing me to join your group. Unfortunately I’m technologically challenged and don’t have a scanner or printer.(lol, I’m still in the dinosaur age) I’ve been perusing the lessons and gotten side tracked like crazy. I got into Mimi Dillman’s page and stayed there for quite a while. I’m so interested in all aspects of tatting and wanting to improve all round. I’m particularly fond of Celtic tatting and have a couple of Ruth Perry books, however have not tatted from them as yet. I absolutely LOVE the cluny alphabet. It’s wonderful. I definitely want to try my hand at that.. How does the on line lesson work? I’ve never participated in one before. Thank you again. Have a g’day.

    • Helen, you would definitely enjoy the Beginner Class. Please email the instructor, Georgia Seitz, for details. Email her at aktatter “at” aol.com Don’t forget to replace the “at” with @.

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