2013-02-18 – Regular Class – Petal Dancer

Rachel Mohler presents her “Petal Dancer!” pattern for both shuttle and
Pattern by Rachel Mohler

Pattern by Rachel Mohler

For those of you studying the Petal Dancer pattern before class,  please
note that RoR in this case Ring on ring, is a floating ring on a ring.
With the floating ring off a chain we use the second shuttle for the
floating ring. For this floating ring off a ring you use a length of
thread pulled out from the ring itself. It is also called a loop tatted
For review:  (Click on these links for tutorials)

3 responses to “2013-02-18 – Regular Class – Petal Dancer

  1. Marsha Sanders-Leigh

    I hope someone will teach this at TAT DAYS! I am really confused.

  2. Check out Rachael Mohler’s own amazingly clear video for tatting a ring on a ring: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8O4W5pGA6E&feature=youtu.be

  3. Thanks Grace…I’ve added the link to the post above.

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