Special ANKARS Classes

ANKARS Tatting

Please mark your calendar for these special events. Nina Libin will show the main features of ANKARS tatting. This method of tatting has a very strong (tight and stiff) foundation and is decorated with beads after tatting is done. Please note that ANKARS and BEANILE are different, but they have a lot in common: both are tatting and both use beads and seed beads. Sometimes there are pre-strung seed beads in ANKARS, and occasional larger beads are used in some BEANILE projects,especially in needle tatted pieces.  Links to tutorials, hints and the Coral Pin Pattern are all below.

Coral Pin by Rina Stepnaya

Coral Pin by Rina Stepnaya

There will be 4 lessons on ANKARS: Feb. 25, March 11, March 25 and April 8, 2013.

1. The Origins of ANKARS

2. The Essential ANKARS Exercise

3. Recommended Thread

4. Bead Info.

5. Stephanie Wilson’s Hints for Working

6. The Ring on Ring Tutorial

7. Coral Pin Pattern by Rina Stepnaya


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