Below are some pin pictures (without beads).  Nina and Stephanie are posting these examples and the threads used for each one in the hope that we will get some ‘inspired’ pin pictures from others in the class.
ANKARS pin 1 - nylon thread - Stepnaya-Libin (1)
Top photo:
Coats & Clark nylon upholstery thread ‘heavy duty’ plus 1 or 2 strands of Sulky ‘sliver’ metallic machine embroidery thread
ANKARS pin 1 - Stepnaya-Libin (1)Bottom photo:
Dark gray on left is 3 (or maybe 4?) strands of Sulky #12 cotton blendables and 1 strand  of Sulky ‘silver’ metallic
Green and white in center is Lizbeth size 20, no metallic thread added.
Pinkon right is Altin Basak 50 plus 1 strand of Sulky ‘silver’ metallic
I used the Sulky on these it has LOTS of ‘sparkle.’
Note:  the first homework is now in, submitted by Michelle Mattingly:
* * * * *
If you are working on the ANKARS project, please send your photos to tattinghomework “at”
replacing the “at” with @
* * * * *
View ALL homework submitted for this class on the Regular Class Homework Photo Page.

One response to “ANKARS pins

  1. It is very nice! It was the base of mine too. I used beads of it here:

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