2013-03-18 – Regular Tatting Class – Berlin Snowflake, Frauberger Edging, and Priscilla Yoke

Remember the fan element from the Endrucks pattern on March 4, 2013? Adelheid Dangela has used a similar fan in her snowflake pattern, Berlin, which was published in her book, “Occhi-Patchwork”. (Used by permission.)

And Barry Pechers has prepared a new model in scandalous scarlet thread for the Tina Frauberger Pattern 1921 Fig. 65, with diagrams by Jane Eborall.
Please review for this pattern:  A Study of the Half Closed Ring

Jennifer Williams has prepared the Priscilla Yoke pattern for us with lace in color and some notes of working it also.

Corner Detail

Corner Detail

Please review pattern here as well:

Priscilla Yoke as presented on Bella Online


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