April 1, 2013 International Tatting Day

Please mark your calendar for these special class events. Nina Libin will show the main features of ANKARS tatting. There will be 2 MORE lessons on ANKARS: March 25 and April 8, 2013.

April 1, 2013 International Tatting Day. Learn all about Rose Rogers and the many years she has spent translating the 1912 Emmanuel Bocher book from French to English for all of us to share. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already,  please subscribe to this group:
Emmanue lBocher Tatting Book Translation

Attn: new tatters! Jane Eborall’s brand new how to tatting tutorials will be posted live online April 1 also.

Be prepared to share your own favorite pattern or favorite tatting book. All tatters are welcome to participate.  Classes at regular times.


2 responses to “April 1, 2013 International Tatting Day

  1. love to get the pattern I missed the event please let me know on the picture frame pictured above. and how much?

  2. Carollyn, there is no charge for the pattern. Dagmar has graciously made it available for our members at https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByUrR0_Zz9TyVlBMTVBRTXV5UTg/edit

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