2013-5-27 Regular Online Tatting Class – 5 patterns prepared by Susan Hamel +!

These patterns have been prepared for sharing by Susan Hamel.
Cathy’s Snowflake by Susan Hamel.
Susan Hamel’s Blue Necklace Priscilla Book 2 pg 32
Susan Hamel Butterick 1896 pg. 26 diagram 61
Susan Hamel Butterick 1896 pg. 52 fig 31
Susan Hamel Star by Emmy Liebert fig. 43 pg. 20
Susan Hamel Insertion by Emmy Liebert fig. 37

Susan Gilbert prepared an additional diagram for Dagmar’s hanging cluny necklace http://www.georgiaseitz.com/2013/susangilberthangingclunymedalliondagmar.pdf

Book review: “Fun with Split Ring Tatting” by Karen Bovard

sample of pattern from kbovardfunsrtatting

Rachel Mohler shares a new addition to her shuttle collection. http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art4200.asp


Anita is traveling the USA so this is my first attempt at posting at the new tattinghomework website. Thanks. Georgia


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