First Class of the Season — September 16!

It’s time at last!!!!! Sept. 16, 2013 This is the first class of the semester so let’s fill the room!! Our record attendance on opening day is 73~~ Let’s break the record.

Kathy Hodge presents an angel pattern for us!

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Pattern by Kathy Hodge

Guardian Angel
Pattern by Kathy Hodge

Please review the following before class:


            To wind 2 shuttles CTM (continuous thread method), wind the first shuttle as full as necessary. Then pull enough thread off the ball to wind the second shuttle as full as you need it to be. You can wind onto a thread holder first (or the outside of the first shuttle), then onto your second shuttle. That way you will avoid dealing with knotted thread during winding of the second shuttle.

center ring , see ring comparisons section

Split Rings

mock picot,

Zena Herbert Presents A Study on the Mock Picot

Mock Picot

Mock Picot


Jane Eborall’s Lock Join

magic thread trickmtmt2

Remember, when you have finished the item, email your photo to

tattinghomework “at”

be sure to replace the “at” with @


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