September 16 This Week’s Homework

Donna Castro submitted this angel.

This is Mary Jane Brittingham’s angel:

Melanie C. tatted this angel

Our next submission is from Jennifer Bunde, a new tatter.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Jennifer says   ” Can you tell I’ve only been tatting for a month?  ;) I’m just happy you can see a resemblance to the picture on the pattern :)  Any advice/tips /constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.” I think Jennifer is to be congratulated on the progress she has made in only a month!

* * * * *

First class photos received this week are from Joyce Schermerhorn.



2 responses to “September 16 This Week’s Homework

  1. I applaud Jennifer’s angel. Only tatting a month? You’re doing fantastic!!!
    As you work more patterns, you will learn more and more. Joins can be tricky. My suggestion: work a snowflake or two or a heart. Then come back and tat another angel. Oh, and keep everything! When you get frustrated, you can pull out previous projects and see how far you’ve come.
    Melanie aka picotsnkeys

  2. Thanks, Melanie! I really appreciate all the support! The tatting community has amazed me with its generosity.

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