Changes to the Double Star

Last season, the class featured Susan Hamel’s modernization of  The Large Double Star from the Liebert vintage book.

double star

The file from that class can be viewed here.

In trying to tat the motive, class member, Susan Gilbert, thinks she may have found a discrepancy in the translation, probably due to the illegibility of some copies of the original.  Here are her comments:

There is a problem with the Liebert Star pattern.  I noticed that my work didn’t look anything like the expected result when I tried to figure out where the first Ring D picot went.  I checked the instructions, & then my copy of the Liebert book.  I don’t recall where my copy came from, but I found that I couldn’t read the text well enough to try to check the translation.   That got me thinking (and searching)….

I found a different scan of the Liebert book on the internet, and I grabbed the relevant sections from it.  Lo & behold, there are “4” characters that look like “1” when the scan is not clean.  I attempted to re-translate the instructions, on the guess that Susan Hamel was working from a copy like mine with very poor legibility.  Since I don’t know a shred of either Danish (or Norwegian), I probably have many typo’s & errors in interpretation.

I’ve attached my work to this email for all to peruse & improve.  I ended up using the Google Translator to translate the original instructions, which use 4 ds stitches where Susan Hammel has 1 ds.  It made a huge difference!  I’ve attached the file detailing the translation (since it probably has plenty of errors that still need correcting), and a photo of my work.

I’m also attaching my translating work for the “Terms” section at the front of the Orkis Arbejder book, since they were needed for the translation.  There are also some details regarding how the tatting is to be done.

Both translations are quite rough, but they should be enough to get a good idea of what the author said.

Susan Gilbert's revised tatting of the star

Susan Gilbert’s revised tatting of the star

Susan G. has provided us with these documents to support the pattern:

Liebert Terms

Liebert Pattern with translations

Thanks to both Susans for all their work to make this vintage pattern available.


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