2013-10-14 – Regular Class – Flowers and Vines Bookmark

This week we will be studying Ruth Perry’s pattern, Flowers and Vines Bookmark.

Pattern by Ruth Perry

Pattern by Ruth Perry

 Pattern can be accessed here.

This is a pattern from Ruth Perry’s new book, Tatted Garden Alphabet.

You can read Georgia’s review of the book here:

Book review: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art181685.asp

Study the tutorial in the pattern on a process Ruth calls “over-tatting” before beginning the patterns. The vines which Ruth designed travel over, under and around the tatted motifs which compose the foundation of the bookmark. Crossing the lines of tatting means that the new tatting needs to be anchored. Instead of using the “alligator” or capture join which takes one thread over and one thread under the previous tatting, here Ruth guides the tatter into pulling a loop of thread up through the previous tatting thus allowing the shuttle to be passed through it and the slack removed. This completely secures the fragile tendrils to the bookmark.
All lessons for the year are listed by date on the annual index page for 2013:


The Online Tatting Class meets on Mondays at 3PM or 8:30PM ET. Needle tatting lessons and an open question and answer period is held one half hour before class begins. Beginners class meets same time Thursdays. Design class meets on Tuesdays.  Email anytime with questions. Please send your tatting homework photos to:

 tattinghomework “at”gmail.com replacing the “at” with @.


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