2013-11-05 – Homework Received This Week

Amrutha has sent us two lovely daisys made from

Mrs. W.M. Odum’s Tatted Daisy Pattern, (view vintage pattern here) and a bookmark from a pattern by Teri Dusenbury.

Tatted by Amrutha N.

Tatted by Amrutha N.

Tatted by Amrutha N.

Tatted by Amrutha N.

pattern by  Teri Dusenbury

tatted by Amrutha N.

* * * * *

3 responses to “2013-11-05 – Homework Received This Week

  1. Mrs. Odum ‘s Daisy is great I love the intertwined chains!

  2. i am still having problems with the flip my fingers are sore help me i looked at videos the whole nine.

    • HI Paula, sometimes the flip tries to elude us but it can’t for very long. Try this. Shorten the length of thread between your pinch and the shuttle. Then take the movements for the first half stitch. You know that moment when you just clear the working thread with the shuttle? STOP right there and pause. Now relax the left middle finger by lowering it. STOP freeze left hand in place. Now take a deep breath and at the same time move the shuttle quickly to the right with a snap. The thread should be held taut as a guitar string. And you will feel the “flip” happen even if you can see it.

      I hope that you are practicing using two threads of different colors and are making just a chain for now.

      You have watched many videos? My favorite video about the flip is by Dan the Tatmeister. go to http://www.tribbler.com/tatman/
      then at the bottom click on misc
      On the left is a column, scroll down to tatting knot and click
      In slow motion, Dan shows us the flip by making a first half stitch with the black and white thread, See the white is wrapped around the black thread at first? But when the white thread is pulled smartly to the right and held taut, the black thread ends up flipped, wrapped around the white thread!!

      Please email me any time you get frustrated. I know you will get the flip this time!!! Georgia AKTATTER@aol.com

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