2013-11-11 – Homework received this week.

First up this week is Susan.  She has tackled Nina’s Ornament with shuttles instead of needle.

Ever the hard head, I figured out the instructions for shuttle tatting the ornament; I even only used two shuttles!  I marked up the needle tatting with the shuttle tatting instructions (attached); please make sure Nina’s ok with the changes before you publish them, if possible.

I had some beads & thread that just seemed to go together which I used since I don’t have any #8 beads.  Instead I used #6 beads (transparent silver lined or frosted; the dark blue ones didn’t seem to photograph well) with a #5 thread (with an iridescent filament) in hopes that the two oversizes would work together.  The pictures of try #2 are below; try #1 had too many mistakes & has already been stripped of its beads & disposed of.  Finished size is 2″ x 2″.

One word of caution for shuttle tatters:  try to keep the ring or chain flat while you’re tatting it.  You can take up the slack as you tighten things up at the end, but you can’t go back and add thread to make things lay flat!

* * * * * * * *

The next photo is from Chari.

The photo is of the sample I worked of this weeks ANKARS project.
I  participated in a shuttle exchange and to my wonderful surprise I received a shuttle and some beautiful thread from a tatter in Russia!
So this was a perfect opportunity for me to tat the ANKARS project with my newly received Russian shuttle!
It’s quite obvious which motif was first tatted and then how much nicer the 2nd motif looked after taking notes on the pattern.  Love this and will tat up the remaining thread and find something to attach it to!
* * * * *
Next up is this lovely bracelet by Claire .
Tatted by Claire Perrin

Tatted by Claire Perrin

Inspired by Miriam’s bracelet picture posted on Oct. 21st, 2013, I made a bracelet too, using this diagram:


 It was quite fast and easy, and the result is a simple bracelet.
I used Lizbeth Scottish thistle in size 20.

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