2013-11-26 – Homework submitted this week

Anna sent in her Flowers and Vines from the Pattern by Ruth Perry.

Tatted by Anna Grochowska

Tatted by Anna Grochowska

Carol sent in her ANKARS style work from last week’s class.  She hopes to frame a photo with it.

Tatted by Carol Best

Tatted by Carol Best

Joyce used a beautiful button as a center on her Tatted Daisy.

Here’s Mary Jane’s colorful daisy.

Mary Jane also submitted her Christmas tree from Jane’s pattern.

and Carolyn submitted a star from last week’s class.  She comments ” As a needle tatter I might lengthen the outer chains to make it more pointy.”

tatted by Carolyn Groves

tatted by Carolyn Groves



2 responses to “2013-11-26 – Homework submitted this week

  1. Lovely tatting, Ladies!

  2. Great work everyone! Good luck in the drawing.

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