2013-12- 02 – Homework submitted this week

Joyce shares two projects this week.  The first is her flower from the Odum vintage pattern.  Love the button center!

Her second is Star Doily.

Denise is excited.  She writes, “Yayyy, I was able to complete two assignments.  The snowflake was really tough but I kept at it and though it’s far from perfect work I completed it never the less.  I’m going to try it again in a single color so the joins won’t show. I didn’t press or pin out eitherproject…I was too excited and wanted to share.

Here is her daisy from the vintage pattern by Mrs. W.M. Odum.

and her snowflake from Motif of Techniques.

Joan says this about her star, “Here’s my star…found some green beads…my points are kind of curved…I tried going looser to get them straight…guess I’ll have to try another one!”

Anna made both stars, the Simple Christmas Star and the Motif of Techniques presented in class.

Claire submitted her Simple Christmas Star from our Nov 25 Class. She says  “To stay in the Christmas spirit, here are two single stars. The lower one has-been made ​​in size 10 thread, Whereas the top one is in size 20 thread.”

tatted by Claire Perrin

tatted by Claire Perrin


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