2013-12-17 This Week’s Homework Submissions

Sally, from the beginner class, submitted her first homework.  She added a little owl she found from a pattern she found.

Tatted by Sally Hodgson

Tatted by Sally Hodgson

Another beginning tatter , Raeann submitted her practice pieces and a medallion made from the pattern in Barbara Fosters’ Needle Tatting Book 2.  She included the comment, “Now my 98 year young mother wants to learn tatting.”  How wonderful!

pattern from Needle Tatting Book 2 by Barbara Foster

Practice pieces by Raeann Berge

Raeann Berge (2)

Medallion by Raeann Berge

Carolyn  submitted her Insertion from last week’s class, featuring the vintage pattern.  The insertion is worked in size 20 thread and measures 6 inches long by 6 inches (across at the top).

tatted by Carolyn Groves

tatted by Carolyn Groves

Carolyn adds the following notes:

I did the following changes to the pattern.

1.  I did not start with the chain.  I started with a ring of 4-4-4-4 and
used that as a ring on the onion ring.
2.  on the outer layer of the onion ring I reduced all chains to by 6
stitches.  This worked out much better for me and set in the onion ring
quite well.

3.  On the lower point I eliminated the littel center ring.  I worked a ch
8-8, r 6-6, r 6-6, ch 8 going into the bottom onion ring.  Then coming out I
did a ch 8 alligator join to the double rings then the ch 8-8.

4.  I worked second side ring and chain joins as per the original image.


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