A New Year….and an introduction and Monday class material

I love a New Year! First off, I would like to say Thank You to Anita for starting up this blog.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having a place on the web to post pictures of the patterns discussed in the On Line Tatting Classes is wonderful! I hope I can keep her work going. So, let me introduce myself:

I am Melanie C aka Picotsnkeys

I live in California and have been tatting since I was young….er……. OK, I learned the basics as a teen, but didn’t really tat much until my kids were older and I discovered The Online Tatting Class ( http://www.georgiaseitz.com/ ) several years ago. I have learned so much and wish to keep learning.

My intent is to learn more about all things web and blog related; (I know, I’ll never manage that!) help the gang teach more people to tat; provide a place for people to post their designs and try out new designs; and to have fun.

Please comment often. Let me know what suggestions and thoughts you have. For submissions, please use: tattinghomework@gmail.com

For discussion this week, we will be looking at a motif from Frau Tina Frauberger’s “Schiffchenspitzen,” (figure 78) as Revised by Martha Ess.


sample tatted by Martha Ess

Thank you Martha for decifering how to create the rings within rings. See you in class!

Happy tatting,



2 responses to “A New Year….and an introduction and Monday class material

  1. Nice to ‘meet’ you Melanie.

  2. Thank you so much for volunteering to continue on with the work I started on the site. I enjoyed my time as administrator, and hope that you will as well. Anita aka Yuma Tatter

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