Homework Submitted

Carol Best has been busy lately. She sends us her snowflake by Corina:

Carol Best Meyfeldt snowflake

Snowflake with Bugle Beads by Corina Meyfeldt

And Stephanie W sent us these examples:

From the Superbowl Special Event

Birthday Motif 2014

Birthday Motif 2014 by Wally Sosa

From the Monday 2-3-2014 class

Bracelet of Interlocking Rings

Bracelet by Edwige Renaudin

Two other patterns she accomplished

Tatted Cupcake

Tatted cupcake by Nancy Tracy

This doily is tatted with quilt thread (and is bigger than the scanner bed). The pattern is from his first book: Tatting Theory and Patterns

Jan Stawasz doily

Doily by Jan Stawasz

One response to “Homework Submitted

  1. Beautiful! Glad to see Jan remembered.

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