Homework submitted

We start our week out with homework from the Lesson 3 Beginner series tatted by Judy Corman:

German Snowflake tatted by Judy Corman

German Snowflake by Cristel Wetzmer based on Tina Frauberger

Tamie Montgomery has been busy with her Design class notebook. Here is her Study in Red.

Design notebook page

Study in Red by Tamie Montgomery

She would like to use the edging she developed on a placemat. Lovely!

Ann Taylor has been busy. She sent in 2 from the beginner lesson 2 & 3:

Rosemarie's Heart

Rosemarie’s Heart by Rosemarie Peel

German snowflake

German snowflake by Cristel Wutzmer

She relates that her thread kept breaking while tatting the heart. She is satisfied with her 5th attempt.

From a Monday class in January, she used a pretty blue thread. She made a note
to self: make sure not to pick up random colored shuttles.

Onion ring square

Onion ring square fig. 78 by Tina Frauberger

And for Design class, Anne create a red Heart

Red Heart

Study in Red, Heart by Anne Taylor

Finally, Carol Best tatted a line of interlocking rings. She is not sure what she is going to do with these rings…a bookmark perhaps.
Lovely project

interlocking rings

Interlocking rings from Bracelet by Edwige Renaudin

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