Lesson material for Monday, Feb. 17, 2014

This Monday, Aurora Lozada shares her 3-D tatted basket featuring floating rings.

Please makes these notes on your copy.
Instructions placed within “<” “>” refer to the floating rings.
Instructions placed within “{” “}” refer to the number of repetitions
of that step.

For review: http://www.janeeborall.freeservers.com/FloatingRings.pdf

original oval tatted motif by Norma Benporath, OAM
Oval Shuttle Motif by Norma Benporath, OAM.

Here are some hints. it is tricky, for making the oval shuttle motif in one pass:

SR = split ring
FR = floating ring

Split ring n is a normal split ring
Split ring o will be a Dora Young type alternative split ring
and the two floating rings and done with sh1
note three ds where the starts the second side and wrapped with sh2
which then remains idle while P and Q rings are tatted
both shuttles come together again to tat split ring r
Whew! I hope that works!

And here is Jennifer Bunde’s write-up http://www.georgiaseitz.com/2014/jenniferbundeversionsovalshuttlemotif.pdf

We will also look at Stephanie Wilson’s tips and tricks in class (photos in Monday’s post above)

Anyone have a pattern to share for the Feb. 24 lesson??

The Online Tatting Class meets on Mondays at 3PM or 8:30PM ET. Needle
tatting lessons and an open question and answer period is held one half
hour before class begins. Beginners class meets same time Thursdays.
Design class meets on Tuesdays.  Email anytime with questions. Please
send your tatting homework photos to: tattinghomework@gmail.com.
Happy Tatting!

Best wishes,
Georgia Seitz

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