Homework submitted

Into the mailbox dropped 2 submissions from budding tatters:

From Laliy a lovely study in rings and chains:

motif from Laliy

Laliy is unsure how to join

And from Hoppity a first try at cluny tatting

cluny motif by Mimi Dillman

Cluny Motif by Mimi Dillman

Stephanie W had fun trying out the Oval Shuttle Shaped Motif for Today’s class:

3 color oval motif

Oval Shuttle shaped Motif by Norma Benorath

These were worked in size 80 (or ‘equivalent’) thread. Pink is tatting thread, the
others are all Sulky Blendables #12-wt.

She writes that the 3-color medallion was all cut-tie-hide ends, I just liked the idea of a flower with leaves and wanted to play with the colors a bit.

oval shuttle motif

Oval Shuttle Shaped Motif by Norma Benorath

The 2-color one was done using SCMRs, but not trying to hook them
together, just one SCMR with a floating ring, then tat normally for a while,
then another SCMR and floating ring. You could probably play around with *which* ring(s) become SCMRs and which ones are tatted as normal rings, but I was just experimenting, just to see if it would work. In some ways, the split ring/split chain version was easier, in some ways the SCMR version (2 color version) was easier. Either way, it can be done all in 1 pass.

Oval Shuttle motif

Oval Shuttle Shaped Motif by Norma Benorath

All-one-color medallion was a bit different – one side was done according to the split ring/split chain directions from the class page(s), the other side I played around with the idea of SCMRs – thought I might be able to ‘link’ two of them somehow….didn’t quite work as I’d hoped it would, as you can see if you look closely. 😉

Great inspiration for all tatters! See you in class




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