Monday 3-3-2014 class

Hello Tatters,

Today, if the creek doesn’t rise, if the well house does not freeze up solid, if the power does not go out again, if the roof does not collapse from the weight of the snow bearing down on us today, we will all enjoy going round in circles. Now just any circles but tatted circles!

Pots of Shamrocks. Inspired by a quilling pattern challenge, Dagmar Pezzuto has prepared her interpretation of shamrocks growing in a pot.

Dagmar Shamrock

Shamrocks in a Vase by Dagmar Pezzuto

Back by request! We examine the formation of the classic rosette.


Roseete by Georgia Seitz

See you then. (Hopefully)

The Online Tatting Class meets on Mondays at 3PM or 8:30PM ET. Needle tatting lessons and an open question and answer period is held one half hour before class begins. Beginners class meets same time Thursdays. Design class meets on Tuesdays. Email anytime with questions. Please send your tatting homework photos to:
Happy Tatting!

Best wishes,
Georgia Seitz


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