Homework submitted

This week, we have pictures from several of our classes.

Joyce Lim has sent a page from her Design notebook! Great thinking!!

page from design notebook

design notebook page

Grace Gutharz has conquered split rings and split chains! Well done!!

split ring and split chain study

Split Ring and Split Chain by Grace

Followed by the Classic Rosette studied in class Monday:

classic Rosette

Classic Rosette by Georgia Seitz

Well done Grace!

MJ Brittingham used small beads instead of bugle beads for this snowflake


Snowflake with Bugle Beads by Corina Meyfeld

Katte Judd also tatted the Rosette:


Classic Rosette by Georgia Seitz

and a picture of some antique tatting from a private collection:

antique edging

Misty writes, “This edging, made by my great-great-grandmother, was what inspired me to learn to tat. It was originally on a pillowcase. The picots are connected by a row of crochet chain stitch, which was sewn to the pillowcase.”


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