Monday class 3-10-2014

Frances Burgess has found some aids online that will help those of us still struggling with the Celtic Knot bookmark by Yvonne Reypa.

Green Knots bookmark

Green Knots by Yvonne Reypa
Please watch Karen Cabrera’s video before class:
Back by request, two shamrock patterns.


Shamrock by Sonya St. John

Sonya St. John’s shamrock made with a dimpled ring.

Teresa’s Shamrock which features negative space.

Shamrock with negative space

Shamrock by Teresa

All of this info is posted on the the class index page


The Online Tatting Class meets on Mondays at 3PM or 8:30PM ET. Needle tatting lessons and an open question and answer period is held one half hour before class begins. Beginners class meets same time Thursdays. Design class meets on Tuesdays.  Email anytime with questions. Please send your tatting homework photos to:
Happy Tatting!

Best wishes,
Georgia Seitz



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