homework submitted 3-12-2014

It’s wonderful to see what other tatters are creating. Today, Ann shares an apron she designed for our Tuesday design class. She created this for a doll her local tatting group is dressing for a lace fair in May.

doll apron

Apron for a doll by Anne Taylor

She also sent in a photo of a baby bootie. Her question in class has inspired others to tat this pattern. Any other photos out there?

baby bootie

Baby Booties by CB Platt

Judy Corman also shares what is in her tatting bag:

Tea Pot by Martha Ess

Tea Pot by Martha Ess

This is from Martha’s book Tea is for Tatting.

treble clef

Treble Clef by Betty Goetgeluck

eighth note

Tatted Notes by Nancy Tracy

eighth notes

Tatted Notes by Nancy Tracy

Lovely work!


3 responses to “homework submitted 3-12-2014

  1. What great work you are all doing. I just love the little apron.

  2. I need some practice with the corners on Nancy’s notes symbols. I just can’t seem to get them right all the time..

    • Corners are hard. Your notes are wonderful! Nancy’s patterns are well planned. I like doing them. I find that chain tension is very important. So, I end up using a gauge with every chain. Sigh. Perhaps you could fix it some when sewing them onto a fabric? Melanie

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