Homework Submitted

Welcome Sue Hunt to our blog posts. Sue was inspired by the antique book on Occhi. This sample is tatted in size 40


Heart inspired by antique Occhi book

This collection tatted in size 20

heart applique collection

ready for a quilt

Sue was also inspired to tat using the Ankars technique

Ankars motif

sample using Ankars technique

Donna Moan has been improving by leaps and bounds! She made this inspired by the heart on Georgia’s class site http://www.georgiaseitz.com/


heart inspired by Georgia Seitz

Lori Jones completed the shamrock pattern from a recent class


Shamrocks in a Vase by Dagmar Pezzuto

And Stephanie W joins in with this wonderful doily tatted in Sulky #12-wt Blendable “Forest Floor”. This just fit on her scanner bed!


Lucky Clover by Blomqvist & Persson

She has been tatting with quilting thread for a while. She uses Perfect Quilter “Sun Rays” and Sulky # 12-wt. She says “I tend to tat with yellow when it’s dark/wet/cloudy”


Tatted Treasures doily by Jan Stawasz

glass mat

Glass mat by Mary Konior

Ice Crystal doily

Ice Crystal by Blomqvist & Persson

Surely those bright colors will bring Spring into our lives!



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