Homework submitted

Susan Gilbert writes that she has been “neglecting” her homework. I find her homework well done. There is no due date, so you’re on time Susan! First, from the beginning lesson series worked in DMC #30 thread with Sulky hot pink metallic thread and beads added for accent:

Peel Heart

Valentine Heart by Rosemarie Peel

Next, she moved on tatting the oval motif from Monday class in February using DMC #30 thread for the center parts and 2 strands of embroidery floss for the outer rings and chains:

Benporath oval motif

Oval Shuttle Medallion by Norma Benporath

Finally, she experimented with Coats Upholstery XP Thread:

celtic heart

Celtic Heart 2003 by Ruth Perry

Next in the inbox is a teneriffe lace sample from Anna Grochowska. I can’t wait to see what tatting she adds, or will she?

Teneriffe lace center

Teneriffe lace center

Finally for today, the first 3 rounds of Renulek’s Spring Doily tatted by Amrutha:

Spring Doily by Renulek

Spring Doily by Renulek

Such inspiration! See you in class


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