homework submitted 5-19

We start this week with Michelle’s Red Hat

red hat

Tatted Red Hat by Gina Butler

She commented, “It took some work learning how to needle tat split chains, split rings and mock picots, but it was well worth the effort.” I agree, a fine effort!

The samples from the Youngburg book continue to come in. Here’s the list of volunteers I have so far by figure number:

1 Shanan
2 Jennie
3 Phyllis
4 Lelia
5 Shanan ​
6 Michelle
7 Maria Orazi, Vicki Clarke, Michelle and Cyn
8 Gianna9 Katte & Michelle
10 Phyllis
11 Kathleen
12 Katte
13 Katte
14 Katte
15 Katte
16 Katte
17 Katte
18 Carol
19 Carol
20 Cyn
21 Maria
22 Phyllis & Farida
23 Cyn
24 Lelia
25 Ann Taylor
26 Acolie & Farida
27 Dagmar
28 Beth
29 Phyllis
30 Vicki
31 Ann Taylor & Kathleen
32 Vicki
33 Vicki
34 Liza
35 Wink
36 Paule
37 Aurora
38 Judy
39 Kathleen Mercedes Ninetta
40 Dagmar

If you do not see your name, please let us know! If there are any errors, please let us know also! It is exciting to think that these old patterns will gain a new life!

Finally, we have a peak into the tatting of Donna Kelly

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you in class!



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