Monday 10-6-2014 class material

We look at an antique pattern this week.

Fig 27 by Nellie Hall Youngburg

Fig 27 by Nellie Hall Youngburg

Fig 19 Rose by Nellie Hall Youngburg

Fig 19 Rose by Nellie Hall Youngburg

Both Nellie Hall Youngburg patterns are exercises in using the mock picot to climb out from the center of a motif without cutting the thread. Both patterns have beaded versions also.

Thank you to Dagmar and Carol for their work in tatting samples and rewriting the pattern.

See you in class!


2 responses to “Monday 10-6-2014 class material

  1. Marsha Sanders-Leigh

    What do you use for diagrams of patterns? I would like to have my patterns digitally – but I don’t know what drawing program to use for the diagrams. Any suggestions? Marsha Sanders-Leigh

    • Good question Marsha. We frequently discuss how to diagram patterns in the Tuesday design classes. Sue has taught separate classes using a specific program. The key is to use vector programs rather than raster programs. So, suggestion for program can be influenced by what computer and OS you’re using etc., etc., etc.
      All that said, for our Youngburg project, we had a team who volunteered to create the diagrams for any tatter that worked on the figures. I’m sure if you ask in Monday class or email Georgia, she can put you in touch with these volunteers. Isn’t it great we have tatters who are so willing to share their expertise and wisdom?

      See you in class,

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