Class material 10-27

Hello Tatters,
Oct. 27 lesson is posted and it is jammed packed with loads of tatting fun!

From the Nellie Hall Youngburg project we have another edging, a simple one, one shuttle but it has inspired the model tatter to create a bookmark pattern from it! There is so much inspiration and creativity still to be found in these vintage patterns.

Shelia's Bookmark by Shanan Strode

Shelia’s Bookmark by Shanan Strode
based on the Nellie Hall Youngburg pattern edging #1

And for the 52 earrings project we have 5 more designs. Of the 5, one is not beaded but 4 have lovely beads added. And we will review how to add a bead to the center of a ring, the josephine ring/knot, and placing beads on the ring and on the core thread. And I sure hope Jane can join us for the Winsome Earring as the beading directions got me flustered and I dropped my beads. I’ll need help figuring that one out!

Happy Tatting!

2 responses to “Class material 10-27

  1. Love all the patterns and enjoy the bookmark with just ring too!

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