Homework submitted 7-22-2015

Summertime is a chance to get out and tat. This summer Judy has been spending time healing, so less outside time and more tat time!

Cool Tatted Sun by Nancy Tracy

Cool Tatted Sun by Nancy Tracy

Incidentally, you can catch Nancy’s pattern here and sign up for her email newsletter with free patterns.

Time: Thursday July 23, 2015 (that’s tomorrow)
Place: Chatzy room
Pattern: mystery
Teacher: our own Cyn!

See the postings on NSAN for materials list or email a class member.
Here’s a sample from Sue of June’s Suncatcher:

Suncatcher by Cynthia Stevenson

Suncatcher by Cynthia Stevenson

After years of bobbin lace and other needle arts, Sue has been needle tatting with us just a few months. She perservered with help from a photo Annie posted on the group site.
Well done Sue!
Come find out what tatting fun Cyn has cooked up for us tomorrow!

See you in class!


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