Projects shared

Almost that time of year! Classes will be starting soon!!

While we anticipate the first class of Fall, Andrea shares a project she completed. She writes, “This quick, no sew, no glue, project used some tatted UFO’s, stray tatted trim & test medallions to embellish this wool & dupioni silk bottle wrap. It took courage to needle punch through the tatted work, but being test pieces with mistakes made them a perfect sacrifice for the mottled effect of needle felting. Traditional use of tatting? No, a unique way to employ odds & ends? I think so. I’m a long time fan of Georgia’s tatting classes and a huge fan of the talented students. My work schedule prevents me from attending class but I am ever grateful that I’ve been allowed to remain on the student roster enjoying everyone’s inspiring work. I hope you enjoy this fun piece, it buttons around my water bottle making it pretty and easier to grip.”

Felting project by Andre

Felting project by Andrea

Andrea bottle with felted covering

Andrea bottle with felted covering

What a great way to use up those odds and ends and even some “mistakes” that gather in the corners. I appreciate that Andrea shares her process:

It’s a piece of wool felt cut to size, some dupioni silk scraps and saved embroidery thread snips needle felted to the wool first. Next I positioned the tatting and needle punched it into the project. One of the little medallions had a hole large enough for a button to pass through making a nice closure. Finally I used a wavy blade rotary cutter to achieve the top edge.

See you in class!


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