Videos of tatting

I am truly inspired by all the wonderful, talented tatters who gather for our discussions in the classes. The “four corners” of the world are represented. Multiple languages fly across the screen. All ages and all learning styles succeed in sharing a love for making lace with shuttle or needle….or both!

For over a decade, we have had the main class site with all the material available (see about) at any time of the day we are tatting. Now, we have a video channel available:

Needle class
Shuttle class
Advanced class

The first 2 focus on the material that is part of the beginning class series. The last group will be tat-a-longs and special techniques. Please check them out and leave a comment. I’m sure your tatting will improve by leaps and bounds after working through these new resources.

Thanks to the many tatters who share their patterns, teach the classes, and keep tatting alive!

See you in class!

One response to “Videos of tatting

  1. Terrific. Always need a reference for that “folded join” no matter how many times I do it. These are clear, not to fast, and clear videos without hands in the way at critical points !!! Carefully thought out and presented.

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