Class Material Nov 2, 2015

Please verify what time class is for your part of the world. Some parts of the US change their clocks back one hour this weekend. If your part of the world doesn’t, please do the math and come to class!

Muskaan has modernized Pattern 22 from Schiffchen-Spitzen by Eleonore Endrucks Leichtenstern.

angel by Eleonore Endrucks Leichtenstern

Angel by Eleonore Endrucks Leichtenstern

To me it looks like a row of old-fashioned girl’s pinafores. But please be calm, Muskaan tells us that it is only 2 rows of tatting! Basic tatting and a little 2 shuttle tatting. But wow, what a striking pattern.

See you in class!



2 responses to “Class Material Nov 2, 2015

  1. Actually, the picture posted here of this single medallion/motif/repeat is done in Only one pass or one Row ! Very slight adjustment made to the lace pattern. The lace or edging is 2 Rows.
    I still marvel at Endrucks’ precision designing !

    • Thank you Muskaan for clarifying that. I wondered as I looked at the photo and your excellent pattern notes. Can’t wait to see all in class!

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