I missed International Tatting Day celebration in the classroom. I had a social gathering locally that had to take precedence. I hoped to generate interest in tatting and organ music. I’m afraid the only benefit was a rehearsal of my “elevator pitch” and putting a name to several faces and faces to several names. Ah well. Each time I talk about tatting, I can but hope to spark some interest in someone.

So, when did you last TIP? (tat in public)

When did you last talk about tatting?

When did you last hand some tatting to someone to touch and feel the thread?

If it’s been awhile, think about this summer when class in on break. Set a goal for yourself. Send us an email about that goal to the submission address on the About page. Homework trickles in all summer. I will add goals and successes as they come in also.

See you in class!


2 responses to “Retrospective

  1. When did I last tat in public? I tried to yesterday. I took a pair of shuttles already wound with Lizbeth and an old Riego pattern I wanted to work for class. I was all prepared to tat as I sat to wait for my mammogram. I was so surprise I did not even get to sit down to register, instead I was hustled out to the main waiting room where I had just enough time to lay out the pattern when the tech whisked me to the back and began undressing me practically. And I did not even get to sit down to wait while the check the xrays, the new machine did it all. I was back in the car and being driven home before I knew what had happened.

    But I have 7 hours on a plane next week and I will be ready to TIP again!

    • Ah…technology….doncha love it? The new machines are much easier on everyone. Dare we think mammograms could be as luxurious as a spa day? I have shuttles loaded with a pattern ready also. I’m hoping to enter it in the Fair. My first entry since 4H.

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