Homework submitted 5-6-2016

Muskaan has been working with the last class subject matter of picots quite a bit. To view her excellent work, visit her blog: http://tipsaroundthehome.blogspot.com/

Capriccio by Ninetta Caruso

Capriccio by Ninetta Caruso

Double picot daisy

Daisy Flower Motif by Muskaan

Ikuta Picot method 2

sample of method 2 Ikuta picots

Ikuta Picot method 3

sample method 3 Ikuta picots

triple picot snowflake

Double/Triple snowflake by Sally Magill

Thank you for this work to keep tatting alive!

See you in class!


3 responses to “Homework submitted 5-6-2016

  1. Denise Wessman

    Such inspiring work!!!!! Every piece is simply gorgeous. Thank you so much for inspiring me to keep trying to improve my tatting.

    • tattingclass

      It’s great fun to work on this blog! The tatting is inspiring. The tatters are super. The response is positive. Tatting rules!

  2. Such great work being put out especially by beginners..! Inspiring.

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