upcoming special event announcement

Monday, July 11, 2016

Elke Grotegut will be presenting her method for tatting the flowers basket from Emmy Liebert’s Book 1.


fig. 104 from Orkis-Arbejder Hefte 1 by Emmy Leibert as translated and diagrammed by Elke Grotegut

This basket was actually designed and tatted by Lotte Winter-Leipzig, however, there was no pattern included. Come and join us as we work our way through this one.

See you in class!

2 responses to “upcoming special event announcement

  1. Kathleen J Minniti

    Please thank Elke for her work on this! I won’t be able to join the class itself today, but I have saved the pattern and will work on it at some point in the future. Georgia, I haven’t attended any of the classes in the past year, but one of my friends and I get together each Wednesday and look over the class notes together. Thank you for continuing to run this group!

    Kathleen Minniti, Spokane Shuttlebirds, (Washington, USA)

  2. I’m glad the class has inspired you and your friends!

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