Homework submitted 10-7-2016

We welcome a new tatter to our little corner or Tat-land today:

Donna Capps has been working her way through the beginning class patterns:


ring and chain


ring and chain


ring and chain


ring and chain


ring and chain

Well done Donna! We look forward to cheering you on as you tackle Lesson 2.

Claire has been gathering her leaves to show us:

Feuille Frivole by Joelle Paulson

Feuille Frivole by Joelle Paulson

These earrings are tatted in Lizbeth Autumn Spice in size 20.

Maple Leaf by Tammy Rogers

Maple Leaf by Tammy Rogers

She used Penny size 30 for this, but reports she’d rather work with cotton.

Feuille d'erable du Quebec by Joelle Paulson

Feuille d’erable du Quebec by Joelle Paulson

Worked in size 20 Lizbeth in Falling Leaves colorway.

Thank you for this inspiration! Please visit her blog to see more: http://oclairedelune.wordpress.com/

Donna reports that her puppy loves to help by giving the lace a good chew. Thank heavens cotton is washable! I know she will tuck her shuttles away, but I also encourage everyone to tuck all thread away. I have sad memories of a kitty who tried to help organize spools of thread. She played and chewed away happily. Unfortunately, when she swallowed the thread, she set in motion a dangerous situation and even an emergency run to the vet couldn’t help. Please guard the life of our furry friends. Clear bits of thread into the trash. Tatting will be enjoyable for all then.
See you in class!


One response to “Homework submitted 10-7-2016

  1. Enjoyed viewing the metamorphosis of the butterfly !!! Great job.
    Beautiful leaves !

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