Homework submitted 12-28-2016

Tatters are a creative lot. New patterns and uses are being thought up and put into thread each day! Even if we’re not meeting in the classroom, the innovation hasn’t slowed down. Muskaan has taken 2 patterns we’ve chatted about and made them her own:

Ice Drops by Diane (lace lovin' librarian) Cademartori

Ice Drops by Diane (lace lovin’ librarian) Cademartori

She did not have the requisite gems, so she adapted the lovely pattern using a magnifying lens in one and mirrors glued back to back in the other.

3D Christmas Tree by Grace OB Tan

3D Christmas Tree by Grace OB Tan

For these sweet decorations, she tested first without any beads and then with beads as Grace originally wrote the pattern. Wise tatter! She decided to add some 3D effect to her trunk. Those delicate beads are red sand beads.

While class is on recess, we can catch up on those UFO’s. Send in pictures for posting as I will be checking the gmail box. Keep the creativity flowing!

Enjoy the break, see you in class!



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