Tatting submitted 3-31-2017

Tomorrow is a big day! International Tatting Day!!!

Celebrate this truly international event by tatting! 25 years ago, a band of interpid tatters began gathering online to spread tatting. Tomorrow over 1500 tatters from around the world just may put down their shuttles and needles long enough to check in to the classroom. We will honor our leader, Georgia, who has kept tatting alive. Yes, I feel she has single-handedly nurtured tatting not just in her corner of the world, but without regard to language, location, or tool! Brava!!!!

To whet your appetite, Amrutha sent these pictures of what she has been up to:

Brown Chandelier Earrings by Amrutha

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you in class!


3 responses to “Tatting submitted 3-31-2017

  1. Oh my! (Blush) Stand by for an impromptu meeting on Intl Tat Day!

  2. Nice work as always, Amrutha !

    And, Mel, you can say that again ! Georgia’s class is truly truly international and always fun, educative, and inspiring. And equal thanks to her little helpers, too 😀

  3. Thank you Muskaan for the appreciation.

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