Tatting Submitted for Summer inspiration

I apologize for this post being so tardy. My plans for posting while on vacation and away from my computer evaporated. Like the water in the desert I was visiting, the posts just kept disappearing! I am back home now. The ocean breeze feels wonderful!

Amirtha sent a picture of an elegant necklace:

Necklace by Amritha Prabhu

Muskaan has been organizing her stash:

Star 1 by Blomqvist & Persson

Chinese Coin Bookmark by Jon Yusoff with tail added by Muskaan

Collage including Bluebird by Nellie Hall Youngburg & Together We Fly Butterfly with ed. by Claudia Huber

Super 17 Butterfly & Hibiscus by Muskaan

And Margaret has tatted a lovely finger rosary:

Finger Rosary by Margaret Boos

She used Altin Basak # 50 in variegated green with white and yellow. This thread is from Turkey.

Thank you to all who have snapped pictures of their clearing up! Summertime is a great time to catch up on all the organizing. Maybe even start tatting that long list of Christmas and Holiday tatting!


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