Tatting submitted 1-2-2018

Shirley has been experimenting with dropped picots:

Shirley dropped picot

dropped picot by Shirley

Her explanation made so much sense, I’m including it:

Regarding the vintage edging done in two rows with picots dropped to the back on the top row.  I have done a few inches of the top row by itself using a technique described by Jennifer Williams (ROT Newsletter, 69, Autumn, 2014).  The picot is made “a bit longer than you want the dropped picot to be.”  It is then folded “downwards between the shuttle thread and the thread that is on your hand.”

Because the ds that makes the picot slides out of view (down and to the back), I made more 4 ds (not 3) after positioning the picot.

She used an old standby for Holiday tatting, Size #10 Lizbeth Christmas thread.

Next week classes resume!


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