Tatting submitted 9-21-2018

Pictures of summertime tatting are starting to roll in. Sarah P. sent us her collection:

collections of bookmarks tatted by Sarah P.

She used these designs to study and practise joins:

Spiral 2 color bookmark by Gina Brummet based on a vintage pattern edited by Rita Weiss

Jane’s Bookmark by Jane Eborall

bookmark by Sarah P.

vintage Bookmark from Handy Hands newsletter

She also writes:

I practiced various ways to keep the split rings in the tail up tight to each other.  First I tried different ways of posting the shuttles:  Ring shuttle posted down and unflipped stitch shuttle posted up, both ring and unflipped stitch shuttles posted down, and posting only the ring shuttle.  Finally I decided to post the ring shuttle only and also start each side of the ring with an “opposite” DS.  This seemed to yield the best result. Thread used is Size 40 and 20 Lizbeth. I had a difficult time remembering how to alternate the colors for the spiral.  I assiduously followed the directions for the original one, which turned out well, but then I tried just looking at the bookmark.  That didn’t work as well!  So part of the learning is not being stubborn and *reading the pattern!*

Send your pictures to the submission address along with any comments to be posted. See you in class!


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