Class Material 9-24-2018

We begin this semester with a vibrant piece of tatted jewelry from Nina Libin. She shares her Floating Heart necklace

Floating Heart by Nina Libin

This uses the most delicate of metallic threads and finely made beads so tiny that they could almost float away!
Does that sound scary? Well, it used to scare me! But after working Nina’s pattern as taught by Stephanie Wilson at PTG Tat Days, I fear no more!
The first thing to do is select the thread and beads you are going to use. Yes, it is ok to use regular thread and beads to work a sample and boost your confidence. But don’t be afraid to use the right stuff as soon as possible.
String the beads on both shuttles as directed. For needle tatters string part of the beads on the ball thread, the others will go directly on the needle as you work. Study the terms in the pattern until you understand up and down beads.
Bring your questions to class or email me in advance, please.
Please review:
For the new tatters, even though you are in the beginners class you are welcome to sit in on all classes.

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