Tatting submitted 12-26-2018

Tatterbee sent in a wonderful example of creativity:

??? by Susan Gammage

She writes, “The pattern for the body is a combination of two Jane Eborall’s patterns.  TIAS 2018 Mermaid and her Peacock pattern 2016.  The feathers are from a pattern “Minature Peacock” by Pam Palmer found in Tatting Treats Three.  She used Lizbeth #20 thread dyed using Dye-Na-Flow paints.

Anyone have a good name for this lovely?

Class is on break for a few weeks. Please continue to send in pictures of the tatting you create. Your efforts continue to inspire tatters, lace lovers, and fiber artists. For details, see the About page.

See you in class!


4 responses to “Tatting submitted 12-26-2018

  1. Yes the body is a combination of my mermaid and peacock bodies. Unfortunately the tail/feathers are from a Mary Konior pattern which has been illegally put on Pinterest in violation of copyright laws.

    • Thanks for the info on the tail/feathers part. I had heard that the pattern was posted. I didn’t remember seeing it in my only Mary Konior book, so asked another tatter (local) who has another of her books. She didn’t remember a peacock. After too many hours perusing Boards, I gave up thinking it was someone’s imagination. I trust your memory Jane, so if you remember which book the peacock pattern is in, please let us know!

      • Well this just goes to show how stoopid I can be!!! Blame the festive drink!!! It’s Pam Palmer’s peacock from Tatting Treats Three and I found a copy on that dreadful Pinterest site shared in spite of copyright laws!!! Sorry about that. I’ll go to the back of the class and hang my head in shame.

      • Oh no! Please don’t feel ashamed! You share valuable knowledge and creativity with the world! I never wish shame on one so generous. I could blame the food coma induced by the excellent chioppino and wonderful zinfandel. Shall we join our tatting friends in bringing in the New Year with lace?

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