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Homework submitted 1-16-2019

We welcome Jeanne to our class Homework blog with this pretty heart:

hearts desire jeanne

Heart’s Desire by Susan Fuller

She tatted this with needle and size 10 Lydia’s. Then she stiffened this and snapped the picture right away! Thank you!! and well done!

Class continues on Monday and Thursday with Tuesday classes starting up soon. We also look forward to our annual Ignore the Superbowl and Tat event.

See you in class!


Tatting submitted 1-14-2019

Margaret has been helping a family learn tatting. Here’s pictures of Christmas gifts they exchanged:

ellie gift

Christmas Medallion by Barbara Foster

lucy star

Star by Barbara Foster

ned star

Star by Barbara Foster

philip angel


claire medallion

Christmas Medallion by Barbara Foster

What wonderful gifts to exchange!

Class resumes today! See you in class!!

Tatting submitted 12-26-2018

Tatterbee sent in a wonderful example of creativity:

??? by Susan Gammage

She writes, “The pattern for the body is a combination of two Jane Eborall’s patterns.  TIAS 2018 Mermaid and her Peacock pattern 2016.  The feathers are from a pattern “Minature Peacock” by Pam Palmer found in Tatting Treats Three.  She used Lizbeth #20 thread dyed using Dye-Na-Flow paints.

Anyone have a good name for this lovely?

Class is on break for a few weeks. Please continue to send in pictures of the tatting you create. Your efforts continue to inspire tatters, lace lovers, and fiber artists. For details, see the About page.

See you in class!

Tatting submitted 12-21-2018

Melanie has been dreaming of a White Christmas. Since she lives where it never snows, she’s been tatting up a flurry of snowflakes:

Barb book snowflakes to mail

Snowflakes from Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments ed. Barb Foster

The two on the right are tatted in blue Liz Metallic. The green is also Liz Metallic, but the white is just plain old cotton (vintage). She plans to lace the blue onto an ornament ball for gifting to family.

Class will resume in mid-January. Please continue to submit your pictures of tatting for posting. Any received by 9 AM PST on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday will be posted those days. Thank you for a wonderful 2018 blog!

See you in class!

Tatting submitted 12-14-2018

It’s always great fun to see what others are tatting. Amritha sends us pictures of a tote bag embellished with tatting she made:

Totebag with snowflakes tatted by Amritha

Snowflakes on tote bag tatted by Amritha

MJ tatted up a variation on Diane’s Silver Crowns Ice Drop for her daughter:

Ice Drop around flamingo bottle cap

Class will take a break soon. I’ll be posting the schedule as soon as I know.

See you in class!

Tatting submitted 12-12-2018

Amritha has been stretching her tatting wings:

Amritha mini doilies

Mini Tatting Doilies by Daniela Mendola

She used Anchor mercerised knitting cotton. She learned a lot about what thread to use, practiced her Josephine knots and bare thread space. Quite a pretty pattern. It is available for free on Daniela Mendola’s blog.

See you in class!

Class Material 12-10-2018

Beware of errors in old patterns!

Workbasket April 1948 pg. 13 Two Scalloped Tatted Edge double stitch count

This vintage pattern is easy enough to follow if you don’t read the strange directions with missing parts.

We’ll discuss this Scalloped Edging from a vintage Workbasket.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 11-26-2018

Amritha has been practicing her two color tatting using a needle:
Amritha needle two color sample

Well done!

See you in class!

Homework submitted 11-23-2018 and more

Lots to share today as my computer has been unavailable for quite some time. My apologies to those eager to share.

First off, new tatter Mary N. share her Butterfly from Lesson 1:

Butterflies are Forever Free by Cynthia Stevenson

Amritha has been working on her needle tatting:

Nicely tatted!

Denise is making sure she is proficient in the Beginning Lesson patterns:

Candy Cane by Mary Maynard

Valentine Heart by Rosemarie Peel

And here is a slide show of the basket she made from 3 of Rosemarie’s Heart pattern:

And finally, Margaret created this for a knitting group friend:

Tatted Cross by Monica Hahn

It is tatted with Lavendar DMC thread in size 80 with gold-coloured seed beads using a size 8 tatting needle.

Fine lace all!

See you in class!

Homework submitted 11-9-2018

Denise has returned to the beginning class series to master both needle and shuttle:

Butterflies are Forever Free by Cynthia Stevenson

Dove by JoAnn Stearns

Our beginning series continues each month. Please drop in to learn, cheer, and generally help out.

See you in class!